Water connects us all

In a world divided by race, tribe, gender, religion and so much more, it is easy to forget that water connects us all. The molecules of H2O that comprise 60 per cent of each of us have circulated across space and time throughout the ages. They move through the air, the trees, birds and bees, and through you and me – and may have quenched a dinosaurʼs thirst so very long ago.

So, yes, there is hope. It is that we will come to know that the soft rain and flowing water are undeserved but precious gifts of life – gifts to be shared among all living things. And that this knowing will unite us in humbly taking our place in the planetʼs great cycles with respect for all that is, has ever been, and ever will be.

Sandra Postel
Director of the Global Water Policy Project
Freshwater Fellow with the National Geographic Society

Excerpt from:
Global Chorus: 365 Voices on the Future of the Planet
edited by Todd E. MacLean
copyright 2014