How well is our city really doing?

City to conduct Citizen Satisfaction Survey

Recently posted under News and Notices on the City of Charlottetown’s Web site: “Charlottetown City Council will commission MDB Insight to conduct the first ever Charlottetown Citizen Satisfaction Survey, in an effort to gauge City residents’ satisfaction with the handling of priority issues within the City.”

The Strong Towns Strength Test

Strong Towns is a North American non-profit organization that helps individuals and municipalities learn about and adopt a radically new way of thinking about the way we build our world.

In 2016, they developed a ten-question Strong Towns Strength Test, which is still valid today.

Based on those ten questions, how successful do you think the City of Charlottetown is today?

Why New Charlottetown Project?


My inspiration for the name came from the New Georgia Project, a non-partisan civic engagement organization dedicated to increasing voter registration.

My aim is to encourage Charlottetowners to become more active citizens, create a sense of the larger community we live in, and let the Mayor and City Council know that our voices count in plans and projects that affect our city.

Political scientists describe our system of voting every few years but otherwise leaving everything up to government as weak democracy. In a weak democracy, citizens have no role, no real part in decision-making between elections.

Charles Dobson, 25 Nov 2003 |

The next municipal election is in 2022. Let us raise our voices, let us connect with each other, and let us be instrumental in creating a positive social environment by transforming the way in which our city is run.