Public invited to participate in City of Charlottetown 2022/2023 Pre-Budget Consultations

Posted on the City of Charlottetown’s Web site on Thursday, December 16:

Residents, stakeholders and local businesses are invited to have their say on the City of Charlottetown’s 2022/2023 Annual Capital Budget. Community members are invited to provide comments on what they would like to see reflected in the upcoming budget. The input will help to inform Council’s deliberation of the proposed budget, ahead of approving the final budget.

This year, written feedback is being accepted until 12 p.m. (noon) on Friday, January 14.

What is a capital budget? What is an operating budget?

Capital budget: The capital budget is used for long-term investments like infrastructure and facilities that are paid off over time. It plans for the funds the City needs to build and maintain its hard physical assets, which are intended to benefit citizens across most parts of the city.

Operating budget: The operating budget identifies the funds needed to provide all of the City’s day-to-day programs and services to its citizens. These costs return year after year and include items like staff wages, office supplies and utilities.

The estimates for City Capital Projects in last year’s Capital Budget totalled $31,565,250. The detailed breakdown by department can be a starting point for citizens who wish to submit their input, either to help them identify gaps they feel need to be addressed, or new opportunities that would improve or enhance their neighbourhood, their ward, and/or the city as whole. Another approach could be to suggest efficiencies and ways to reduce spending that still provide long-term benefits.

This is your chance to share what services and spending priorities are most important to you.

The City’s Finance, Audit and Tendering Committee has begun preparations for the annual budget process and will continue to discuss and deliberate the budget in the coming weeks. Following the Committee meetings and public input period, the budget will be brought forward for Council approval at the Special Meeting of Council that is currently scheduled for Monday, January 24, 2022.

For online written submissions, visit

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Author: New Charlottetown Project

Barbara Dylla has lived in Charlottetown since 2017. The aim of this blog is to inspire and encourage Charlottetowners to be more aware of municipal affairs, to participate as engaged citizens, to support an issue close to their heart, so that together we create a sense of the larger community we live in. And, along the way, become a united community passionate about making Charlottetown the best it can be.

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