PUBLIC MEETING: October 26, 2021

Sherwood Crossing and 38 Palmers Lane

On Tuesday, October, 26, two properties will be subject to a public meeting – again.

1. Sherwood Crossing: Listed on the agenda as Corner of Towers Road and Mount Edward Road (PID # 390559, 390534, 390542).
This is a request for approval of the final architectural design drawings and site plan as per the Comprehensive Development Area (CDA) Zone provisions of the Zoning and Development Bylaw. The applicant has refined their building elevations for the proposed townhouses and are seeking input from the public on the building design before Council grants final approval. Council has previously approved the overall concept plan for this development and the only remaining Council approval at this time relates to the final design of the townhouses.

Much has been written about the controversy over the process surrounding the rezoning of the property — leading to an IRAC appeal in January — and the actual site and foundation permits approved by City Council on August 26, more than two months after APM Construction broke ground — leading to a second IRAC appeal in September.

The Planning Department has informed the appellants that “The public meeting on Tuesday night is to deal with some exterior design changes to the townhouse phase of this development only. The developer has all of the necessary approvals to proceed with the exception of the design change to the townhouses. Therefore, the only discussion on Tuesday night will relate to the change in design of the townhouse phase of this development.”

IRAC appellant #1 informed the Planning Department that “There should be no meeting and no further decisions or resolutions made in respect of this Development until the IRAC decisions on the appeals are delivered. To proceed in any other way is not in the public interest and makes a mockery of the planning appeals process.”

While IRAC appellant #2 noted that “It is unacceptable for City Council to limit public input at this public meeting.”

2. 38 Palmers Lane: City Council has once again decided to entertain consideration of a multi-unit project on this site:
The proposal is to construct two (2) townhouse dwellings consisting of a four (4) unit building and an eight (8) unit building on the property. The four (4)-unit townhouse is proposed to front on Palmers Lane and parking for this townhouse will be located at the rear of the building. The second townhouse building would be a stacked townhouse dwelling and is proposed to be constructed behind the four (4) unit townhouse.

City Council should already clearly know residents’ position on 38 Palmers Lane. Following a close vote by City Council in September 2019 to approve the rezoning — despite the Planning Department’s recommendation to reject it, a citizen filed an appeal with IRAC on behalf of sixteen neighbours.

The Commission is concerned with the argument advanced by the City – and, to a lesser extent, by the Developer – that the “housing crisis” is, in and of itself, a sound planning principle or an overriding principle in this case. When coupled with the Cityʼs plea for deference to Council, this argument ignores, or at least minimizes, the body of planning law that has developed in this province and requires adherence to sound planning principles.

IRAC Order LA20-04

In October 2020, IRAC overturned the rezoning approval, much to the residents’ relief (Order LA20-04). The 2019 proposal had been for 18 units. The current proposal is for 12 units.

The Public Meeting package contains all the details, plans, and images for the three projects to be discussed.

To register to attend the meeting either in person or by alternate means, residents are requested to contact the Planning & Heritage Department by email at or by phone at 902-629-4158. Anyone who
wants to observe the meeting without commenting can watch it at

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