Charlottetown’s Natural Assets Inventory

From the City’s Web site:

The City has worked with the Municipal Natural Assets Initiative (MNAI) to create a Natural Asset InventoryThe Inventory was developed to better understand where our natural assets are and what condition they are in. Knowing this will allow the City to make more informed policy and planning decisions; this initial inventory is a first step towards natural asset management. Along with the inventory dashboard, MNAI also prepared a report summarizing the results of the inventory and the associated implications. Click here to view this report. 

From the MNAI report:

Annex: Results of Charlottetown’s risk identification

This Annex contains the results of Charlottetown’s use of MNAI’s risk identification tool, which they self-administered with guidance from MNAI. Table 1 was the main product, developed by Charlottetown personnel, that resulted from the exercise.

Common Risks to Natural Assets:

  • Overuse of trails/dumping
  • Flooding (current and future)
  • Forest fire
  • Invasive species
  • Development pressure
  • Pollutant loading from urban, agricultural, or industrial sources (e.g., overuse of salt on roads)
  • Drought (current and future)
  • Erosion
  • Ice jams
  • Storm surge
  • Lack of flood hazard mapping
  • Lack of land management plans
  • Lack of monitoring reports
  • Construction activity
  • Political policy change

Risk Assessment and Implications

Charlottetown’s ecological risks have been assessed in order to maximize the efficiency of managing the municipal natural assets. Each risk is prioritized based on the likelihood of occurrence and impact severity, which both are ranked from low (L), medium (M), and high (H) – as seen in the ‘Risk Matrix’ below. Identifying such risks can help prevent and plan for any loss of Charlottetown’s natural assets. 

Click here to learn more about the MNAI and its mission.

Author: New Charlottetown Project

Barbara Dylla has lived in Charlottetown since 2017. The aim of this blog is to inspire and encourage Charlottetowners to be more aware of municipal affairs, to participate as engaged citizens, to support an issue close to their heart, so that together we create a sense of the larger community we live in. And, along the way, become a united community passionate about making Charlottetown the best it can be.

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