PUBLIC MEETING 26 April: West Royalty Traffic Plan

On Friday, February 26, the City posted a bare-boned announcement on its website with a rather misleading title: City Requests Input on Traffic Master Plan.
Equally misleading subtitle: City Requests Feedback on West Royalty Commercial Area Traffic Master Plan.
In addition to information on where to find the documents and how to submit comments, the announcement stated: “While there is no current deadline to submit feedback, please note that residents will have the opportunity to provide input in a public consultation, the details of which will be announced in the coming weeks.”

On Tuesday, April 13—a full nine weeks later—a seemingly unrelated announcement was posted on the Cityʼs website: City to Hold Public Consultation Meeting.
Subtitle: City to Hold Public Consultation on West Royalty Area Traffic Master Plan. (Oops! Someone forgot to include ‛Commercial’).
It contained essentially the same information as the February 26 notice, only this time the date, the meeting location (Homburg Theatre, Confederation Centre of the Arts), and instructions for reserving seats were added.

On Friday, April 23three days before the meeting—a notice about the public meeting was published on page B7 in The Guardian.

Aside from the appalling lack of clear, effective, and open communication, the City failed to include in its three totally inadequate announcements any images of the future planned developments and the roads around them. All, by the way, on greenfields or former agricultural land.

Residential (yellow): Total 1,919 apartment units and 390 townhouses.

Note also that the Confederation Trail, which is under Provincial jurisdiction, will be bisected by two roads:
(1) the planned Spencer Drive extension, part of the Killam/RioCan/APM development at Towers Road and
(2) the Fern Garden Drive extension (Martha’s Court). Apparently, neither the Province nor Island Trails have been informed or consulted about the two roads, which will severely undermine the integrity of the Trail.

In essence, the last paragraph in the newspaper ad seems to indicate that the so-called Plan is a fait accompli. After all, the City hasn’t specified precisely what kind of input it is seeking from the public so late in the process.

If all these developments were to be built, by 2041 the population living in this area would be equal to (if not greater than) the population of Souris. All in an area of approximately one square kilometre (or 250 acres or 100 hectares).

If too few citizens show up at the meeting on Monday night, City officials have no one to blame but themselves (which begs the question: why did it choose the Homburg Theatre, current capacity 300?).

See my April 22 post for the 2025 and 2031 Future Conditions.

To reserve a seat for the public meeting, to go and click “Book Now” (blue dots = free seats),  phone 902-566-1267, or send an e-mail to

Author: New Charlottetown Project

Barbara Dylla has lived in Charlottetown since 2017. The aim of this blog is to inspire and encourage Charlottetowners to be more aware of municipal affairs, to participate as engaged citizens, to support an issue close to their heart, so that together we create a sense of the larger community we live in. And, along the way, become a united community passionate about making Charlottetown the best it can be.

One thought on “PUBLIC MEETING 26 April: West Royalty Traffic Plan”

  1. City wants it to look like they want to hear from the public but in reality they are hoping they don’t show up. One public announcement in paper on Friday April 23 for April 26 meeting. Three day planning typical of City of Charlottetown.


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